Novelist and screenwriter,

Purveyor of internet romance,

Village witch.


Alexene Farol Follmuth, also known under the pen name Olivie Blake, is a lover and writer of stories, many of which involve the fantastic, the paranormal, or the supernatural, but not always. More often, her works revolve around the collective experience, what it means to be human (or not), and the endlessly interesting complexities of life and love.

Alexene tripped and fell into writing after abandoning her long-premeditated track for Optimum Life Achievement while attending law school, and now focuses primarily on the craft and occasional headache of creating fiction. As Olivie, she has been published as the featured fiction contributor for Witch Way Magazine, as well as the writer for the graphic series Clara and the Devil and a variety of other books. The revised hardcover edition of her cult favorite The Atlas Six is out now from Tor Books, to be followed by the sequel in October. As Alexene, her debut YA novel, My Mechanical Romance, is coming May 2022 from Holiday House.


Alexene lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband and new baby, where she is generally tolerated by her rescue pit bull.



  • UNTITLED ATLAS THREE, Book III of The Atlas Series. The final installment of The Atlas Six is forthcoming! Book II, The Atlas Paradox, is coming October 25, 2022 from Tor, with book III to follow in summer 2023.

  • UNTITLED HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC, a young adult romance featuring the noble sport of pigeon seduction and some demonic Santa Ana winds.


  • THE ATLAS PARADOX, Book II of The Atlas Series, coming October 25, 2022 from Tor.

  • MY MECHANICAL ROMANCE, previously UNTITLED S.T.E.M. YA, in which I strive to convince young women everywhere that nerds are hot and being true to your own nerdy self is even hotter. Competitive robotics, AP Physics, opposites-attract romance, and a lot of me consulting Mr Blake's science curriculum. Coming May 31, 2022 from Holiday House.

  • TWELFTH KNIGHT, a YA homage to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Another dual POV rom-com, this one features the gender politics of fandom, RPGs, and gaming. Currently under revision.

  • BOYS WILL BE BOYS, a short film written for Phineas Productions about two hyper-competitive college friends who are dared into a kiss. A playful exploration of what it means to love and be loved. Currently awaiting production.

  • AWE OF THE NIGHT APPROACHING, a high fantasy about women in a War of the Roses-type conflict. THE WHITE QUEEN or GAME OF THRONES, but MOANA-ed. 

  • STARGAZING IS NECROPHILIA, a nonlinear exploration of love, sex, and the female experience. You can check out some excerpts here.



  • TRIPPING ARCADIA by Kit Mayquist. So, this book has an irresistibly beautiful cover. Like, arrestingly beautiful. Also, I like Gothic things and this is sounding (to start) a bit like another book I enjoyed, BITTER ORANGE by Claire Fuller. Very atmospheric. But again, and I can't understate this: the cover is mesmerizing and I am enticed.

  • LIKE A SISTER by Kellye Garrett. I met Kellye while I was at the Tucson Festival of Books and since I am always down for a thriller, I picked this one up. There's quite an intriguing string of red herrings that reminded me of the same feeling I used to get watching marathons of Law and Order. Very entertaining.

  • SUMMER SONS by Lee Mandelo. Another Gothic, albeit Southern, with perhaps... a hint of horror? I'm not far in enough to know quite yet, but I like the element of mystery. I am also curious to find out why this is recommended to people who enjoy Ronan Lynch.

  • SOME DESPERATE GLORY by Emily Tesh. I was lucky enough to get an early read of this book and I have to say, it's unfortunate that it won't come out until 2023, because it's in the running for best read of 2022. Fantastic. Philosophical and honest and brilliant and wise, sort of a mash-up of PIRANESI and THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR but in space.



  • Vibe: Knowledge is Carnage a playlist by me. Spotify link here. I initially made this playlist for our UK events, but then felt it was best not to waste it. Enjoy a mood of old books, sexual tension, and secrets you take to the grave.

  • Familia by Camila Cabello. I did not have plans to listen to this album, but I found it strangely compelling for its honesty. Or what I perceive as honesty, anyway. Plus "Bam Bam" is a bop.

  • Ivory by Omar Apollo. I really enjoy the idea that these are sadboi ballads. I find him generally very vibey and have been looking forward to this album release. Let us all hope the small goblin chooses to vibe as well.

  • Serpentina by Banks. I have written a number of things to Banks's music before. I don't know yet whether this album will be among them, but it would certainly be enjoyable. I find Banks to be very inspiring when there is sensuality to be constructed.