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Olivie Blake, the pen name of Alexene Farol Follmuth, is the author of bestselling fantasy and sci-fi crossover titles for adults. She is a lover and writer of stories, many of which involve the fantastic, the paranormal, or the supernatural, but not always. More often, her works revolve around the collective experience, what it means to be human (or not), and the endlessly interesting complexities of life and love.

Olivie tripped and fell into writing after abandoning her long-premeditated track for Optimum Life Achievement while attending law school, and now focuses primarily on the craft and occasional headache of creating fiction. Her New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling The Atlas Six released 2022 from Tor Books, rounding out the bestselling trilogy with The Atlas Paradox and The Atlas Complex in 2024. The re-release of her viral literary romance Alone With You in the Ether was followed by backlist titles One for My Enemy and New York Times bestselling Masters of Death, with brand new titles forthcoming in 2025. She has also been published as the writer for the graphic series Clara and the Devil and a variety of other adult SFF books. As Alexene, she is the author of YA romance ( 


Olivie lives and works in Los Angeles with her husband and goblin prince/toddler, where she is generally tolerated by her rescue pit bull.

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Forthcoming Releases

Oct. 15


An anthology of SFF stories about love, death, and revenge.

Apr. 2025

Gifted & Talented. Standalone family dramedy. The vibe is Succession, but with magic.

Aug. 2025

Girl Dinner.

A satire about feminine craving, featuring a cannibal sorority.

Currently . . .

Currently Writing


  • FIRE SEASON, previously UNTITLED HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC, a Gothic romance inspired by the Black Dahlia featuring extended immigrant families, the noble sport of pigeon seduction, and some demonic Santa Ana winds.​

  • NEWPHORIA, best described as The Hunger Games if it were written by Susanna Clarke, a standalone SFF set three generations into the future of Western technocracy about an archivist in the digital dark age.

  • STARGAZING IS NECROPHILIA, an Alone with You in the Ether-esque romantic narrative about life, disappointment, desire, and the way love shapes us.

Currently Reading


  • BLADE OF SECRETS by Tricia Levenseller. I’m on tour for TWELFTH KNIGHT, my YA release under my Alexene byline, as I write this, so I currently have the very great honor of being in conversation with a wide variety of talented authors. I'm highlighting a few YA selections that I think you'll enjoy, the first of which is this second-world fantasy duology about a bladesmith with social anxiety who goes on the run from a warlord bent on world domination because she made an unbeatable sword. As a former Forged in Fire enthusiast, I love a bladesmith, and along with some anxiety rep, the book also has two compelling romances, a very amusing (sometimes reluctant) found family, and a memorable sense of humor.

  • CHECK AND MATE by Ali Hazelwood. I probably do not have to tell you to read something by Ali Hazelwood, but if perhaps you were on the fence about reading this because it's YA, it's about a teenager thrust into adulthood too early, and thus feels (to me) more adult than others in its category. As with everything Ali writes, the voice is amazing and lively and funny, and the romance is fantastic—but what I particularly liked was the realistic handling of girls-doing-dude-things (chess). Here, the character succeeds where other women haven't for a very legitimate reason, not simply because she's "not like other girls," and it's explored in a very interesting and layered way.

  • THE NAME DROP by Susan Lee. Perhaps because I have a social science background, I am very, very interested in art that deals with sexism and classism in Korean and Korean diaspora culture. There's something very fascinating about the extremities, from stratification of wealth to beauty standards, and the way it's approached here in the very corporate context really stood out to me. It's a fun love story, but it's also quite a nuanced look at the social context underwriting all the character interactions. 

  • WHEN AMONG CROWS by Veronica Roth. This is adult, but since I'm also sitting down with Veronica, I wanted to call it out as a really standout work in her oeuvre. It's very ethereal, very folklore-inspired, a bit ONE FOR MY ENEMY-adjacent due to the Slavic mythology as well as the handling of generational burdens and righting the wrongs of the past. It's also a novella, for anyone looking for a quick read, and as far as books-as-products go, this one is strikingly beautiful for the shelf.

Currently Listening


  • 14 Minutes by Dominic Fike: I always trust Dominic Fike to craft a vibe and this bite-sized album (literally 14 minutes long) is an interesting concept that's really well executed. I particularly like "misses" and "coast2coast." The whole thing was exactly what I'm looking for, sonically, when it comes to this artist.

  • PUNK TACTICS by Joey Valence and Brae: This is workout music for me—basically if the Beastie Boys made an album with Gen Z sensibilities. I like to start off a run with the title track or a round of intervals with "STARTAFIGHT," and while I should probably stop spontaneously becoming the Leo Pointing Meme whenever someone mentions they are part-Filipino because we are honestly everywhere, that didn't stop me from doing it during the lyrics of the song "RN."

  • Love Hate Music Box by Rainbow Kitten Surprise: I added two or three of this band's singles to my library before I noticed it was the same artist, and then I went huh, I should probably preorder the album. Great decision!! I don't know what to call this. I guess it's technically alternative but it feels synth-pop adjacent? (Do you really even know the difference, Olivie? you ask. Who can say!) Initial faves were "SVO" and "Superstar," but I also really love "Overtime" with Kacey Musgraves, "Sickset," and "LOL."

  • Model by Wallows. Wallows is a band I consistently enjoy but also often forget about, for which I feel much shame. They're from LA and I feel that is present somehow in the music in the same way you can feel that Bad Suns is from LA (Woodland Hills, technically). They're a little bit like Rooney maybe, or if The Strokes had been from the West Coast? Maybe I'm way off but whatever, hit play. I really love "Calling After Me," it's been on repeat for actual months, and "You (Show Me Where My Days Went)."


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