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Gifted & Talented

Not all it's cracked up to be.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six comes Gifted & Talented, an epic, never-before-published standalone that reads like Succession with magic.

The heirs of Persephone Liang and Thayer Wren, the brilliant CEO of Wrenfare Magitech and so-called father of modern technology, have been remarkable since the day they were born. Telepathically and electrokinetically gifted, Meredith, Arthur, and Eilidh Wren are publicly admired and privately capable of extraordinary feats. Any of the Wren prodigies would be a plausible inheritor to the Wrenfare throne.

Or at least, so they like to think.

On the day of Thayer Wren's unexpected demise, the lives of the three Wren siblings are in various states of chaos and disrepair. Meredith, now the CEO of her own profitable company, is knee-deep in a dystopian capitalist grift, still haunted by the ghost of a childhood friend and facing imminent exposure by the ex-boyfriend she hasn't spoken to in years. Congressman Arthur Wren is wrestling with a disgruntled constituency and a strange, magical misfiring that can only be called the yips. Eilidh, a former prima ballerina whose spinal injury ended her career, now finds herself capable of accidental, uncontrolled apocalypse. In the wake of Thayer's loss, the Wrens return to their childhood home to reckon with their contentious relationships with their father—and each other.

On the pipeline of gifted kid-to-clinical depression, nobody wins—but which Wren will rise to the top?

Gifted and Talented holding cover
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