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What's worse: knowing the devil wants your best friend's soul or wishing he wanted yours?


Originally submitted for the Webtoon Short Story Contest, CLARA AND THE DEVIL is a webcomic adaptation of the original Faustian story from The Lovers Grim that is now in its second season.


Clara has everything figured out, from her adoring boyfriend to her supportive best friend to her reliable summer job at the local library—but when a particularly unusual tourist comes to town, Clara’s perfect life quickly becomes a perfect storm.


Written by Olivie Blake

Illustrated by Little Chmura

Read it now on Webtoon.

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A collaboration with artist Little Chmura, ALPHA is the story of a young woman coming of age amid a troublesome political climate.

This story is no longer available for purchase due to rising printing costs. However, it is likely we will return to it in a different medium.

Volume I

They told her she was perfect.

They never told her why.

A young woman in a distant, multi-planetary future receives an intriguing proposition on her eighteenth birthday. She is personally invited to join a mysterious group that claims she has everything they're looking for, and though she has her doubts, her impoverished family has no choice but to accept the offer. After a series of unexplained tests, she learns she'll have to find her place in her new world — only it might be somewhere she hadn't expected.

ALPHA is the first installment of the Alpha Universe collaboration, featuring art by Little Chmura and story by Olivie Blake.

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Alpha Vol II Cover Final.jpg

Volume II: Rising

Her mission is clear,

but her loyalty is not.

Having risen to the top of the female Established, Alpha-F's path seems obvious: she'll have to do whatever it takes to stay at the top. Despite the surprising ally in her present, she comes to realize that being the Alpha isn't without its challenges — and all the while, an unknown source threatens to upend the world she's come to master.

RISING is the second installment of the Alpha Universe collaboration, featuring art by Little Chmura and story by Olivie Blake.

To contact artist Little Chmura, find her information and additional artwork here.

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