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A collection of stories previously

published in Witch Way Magazine.

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A mystical anthropologist desperate to find his lost brother trips and falls into another realm; a witch forced to return to her remote hometown gets trapped with the man she's pretending to date; a journalist banished to an island by her ex turns out to have a fair hand at babysitting monsters; a preternaturally lucky Millennial politician falls for her problematically unlucky neighbor; and a disgruntled tech employee uncovers a surprising secret while seeking revenge on her not-so-altruistic boss.


From fiction contributor Olivie Blake, this anthology of paranormal romance, adventure, humor, and misdeeds once exclusive to Witch Way Magazine is available to own for the first time, along with a new story written specifically for the collection.

Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback. 

Also available at Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, Abebooks, and Indigo.


A new volume of stories previously

published in Witch Way Magazine.

From the pages of Witch Way Magazine comes a new collection of stories by longtime fiction contributor Olivie Blake, including one never before seen short story. Often romantic, occasionally satirical, and always unexpected, these surprising tales of demons, devil's advocates, dystopia, and dating remind us that there is magic to be found in dark places.

The stories you will find in this anthology were written during and after the onset of COVID-19, over a period of time when most of us were confined to our homes. Which is not to say the pandemic itself is resolved or even over from my vantage point as I write this now, but to point out that these stories represent a period of my life when I had plenty of time to introspect and absolutely nowhere to go to do it. For this reason, they are filled with as much honesty as I possess.

While my previous stories for Witch Way have been romances, these are less concerned with the conventions of romantic relationships. They are, however, all love stories. I hope that, if and when you come to the end of this collection, you'll understand what I mean.

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Available to pre-order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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