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Olivie Blake is Not Writing, March 10, 2023: Authenticity or Something

Olivie Blake is Not Writing, March 10, 2023: Authenticity or Something

I, my dagger, and my best attempts at competency return to chat in reply to asks/reviews/comments in a series of boldly shameless rambles wherein I, Olivie Blake, am not writing. Today's topics include a look at the ONE FOR MY ENEMY hardcover (1:06), info on forthcoming IRL and virtual events (2:18), my dark academia credentials (8:02), a mini-rehash of my pre-publishing vocation (9:37), the language of dating (11:23), traditional weddings (18:40), whether a friendship is worth saving (22:00), and handling finances as a couple (25:52). Podcast episodes mentioned: LibroFM: It's Been a Minute (NPR): Books mentioned: THE LAST HOUSE ON NEEDLESS STREET and LOOKING GLASS SOUND by Catriona Ward THE LUMINARIES by Susan Dennard SOME DESPERATE GLORY and THE SILVER IN THE WOOD/DROWNED COUNTRY by Emily Tesh THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE by V.E. Schwab FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW: RETURN OF THE JEDI pre-order link: Links to events: Index of previous Not Writing topics: Find me on my: Website: Tumblr/Spotify: @olivieblake Twitter/Instagram: @afarolfollmuth/@olivieblake
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