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Two magical sisters make dangerous enemies, get caught up in some sinister plots, meet a few potentially murderous sorority witches, and end up on opposing sides of a full scale war. Who will win?


The Locke sisters are the last of a dwindling line of witches, cast aside by the coven council and left to their own devices in the magicless town of Knot's Landing. While Ariadne's raw talent attracts the attention of a morally questionable pseudonymous profiteer, Aurora's careful plotting leads her to a sorority of witches whose sinister past can't quite be compelled to die.


As each sister's choice results in unexpected allies, inadvisable loves, and even less desirable enemies, they soon find themselves on opposing sides of a festering conflict, forced to choose where they stand amid bitter rivalries for loyalty and power. Bad blood between witches means long-hidden truths will eventually out—but when it comes to the wars between sisters, nothing is more valuable than the secrets they keep close.

Originally written in installment form for Witch Way Magazine, this book is a perfect witchy Halloween read. Featuring illustrations by Little Chmura and photography by Aurora Sinclair.

Find it now in ebook and paperback.

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